Literati Juniper styling

Below details the styling of a Juniper that was originally a very plain informal upright with a few problematic branches on the lower and mid trunk. I decided to completely restyle it, repotting it on an angle and developing it into a literati… Unfortunately I can’t find the original image of it as an informal upright, so the first image below is halfway through the work.


Juniper mid-way through styling, with lower branches wired.

01_literati_juniper_afterAfter styling. 


Detail of first lower branch.

In the future we’ll probably lose the bottom branch altogether, but this won’t happen until we get more development up in the apex.



The apex needs to fill in, this should happen over the next growing season, and we’ll eventually get the deadwood spiralling all the way up into the canopy.


Right jin.


Trunk detail.

We’ll work the deadwood further in the future, thinning the live veins as we go…