Growing for the Future

Pictured below are rows of Pines and Maples we have been developing as high quality bonsai stock for the future. Japanese Black Pine, European Mountain Pine, Dwarf Pomegranate, Trident Maple and Junipers varieties, with more species about to be planted. This has been common practice in Japan for a very long time, and the best way to develop quality pre-bonsai material for future generations. We hope to have some great material ready for sale soonish as some trees have been developing in-ground for around 5 years. We’ll be lifting and potting up more pre-bonsai this coming Winter 2015.


Young Japanese Black Pine (Pinus Thunbergii)

field_grown_MPJapanese Black Pines


European Mountain Pine (Pinus Mugo)


A young Mugo pine in early development


Trident Maples in late winter, having just been cut back

Next post we’ll show a Black Pine that has been potted up and developed from humble beginnings in the field…