Autumn Pine Work

Autumn is a great time to work on pines, with bud selection and wiring best done at this time. Below are a few of the many pines we’re getting through in the garden as Autumn progresses towards winter.


Yamadori Radiata before work

Pictured above is an old collected Monterey Pine (Pinus Radiata). At close to 2 metres in height when it first came into our garden, this was one tall pine! The goal with this one was to get all the foliage down around the trunk, reducing the height and making it as compact as possible…


After styling

Managed to get a nice compact crown, but it’ll need a lot of filling in over the coming years, particularly the empty back area, and we’d like to get the foliage mass even lower, below the bend in the trunk eventually… Will try to get a lower cascading feature branch next season also. Below are a few close ups:


Branch structure


Bark detail


Upper trunk


 And a before and after shot… Final height 1.10m. Will be repotted into brown unglazed pot this coming spring.

Next up we have a Mugo Pine that needed re-styling after a shape up last year…


Before work


After work


Here’s a shot of the same tree back when it was first lifted, spring 2014


And a side by side before/after

Stay tuned for another post coming through detailing more pines we’ve shaped up… Winter’s coming.